TAIAN YUANDONG CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (referred to as “company” ), was founded in TAIAN  national-level Hi-tech development zone in the year 2007, with the registered capital of 56millions RMB. The company is specializes in research and development ,produce and sales of coal preparation agent,coal flotation agent, and have serviced for major coal preparation plant all over the China for many years.
    The company is national-level technology company, and have owned a number of national invention and utility model patents, and the company has the capability of independent research and development, produce and sale for coal flotation agents、auxiliary flotation agents、high efficiency separating agents、foaming agents (frothers)、collectors、high efficiency compound flotation agent、flocculants、water quality stabilizer etc.
    The leading products- auxiliary flotation agent: Safety and environmental protection, energy saving and efficient, high recovery rate of cleaned coal, s...

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